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The most important part of painting is the joy and passion that come from living as an artist. I began as a plein air painter in the central coast of CA in 1997, when I decided to focus seriously on oil painting. I began taking classes with noted artist/instructor, Anita Hampton, of Los Osos, CA who instilled in me a sense of painting in the outdoors and the incentive to push myself. From the mountains to the ocean, it was a constant adventure that brought with it new opportunities, challenges and friendships – but most of all, a sense of humor.

In 2005, I set out for a new adventure in Colorful Colorado to spend more time with my children and grandchildren. I continued plein air painting in a land with a completely different color palate and terrain. Fourteen years in Colorado passed in a flash, as time with family does. Painting became less frequent and done in my spare time.

I had the opportunity to live in the beautiful and welcoming state of Oklahoma in the spring of 2019. Just as my new backyard shed/studio build was completed, art supplies were unpacked and I was set up ready to dive back in, my daughter and I decided to make another move.

2021 – Montana, here we come! I love it here! I had visited numerous times for family visits and fishing adventures. It had always been a dream of mine to live in Montana. Currently, the backyard shed is in transition as a new studio and my art supplies are unpacked. I have returned to painting and am excited to begin exploring the “Big Sky” and all the wonderment from the central plains and high line to the rugged, river cut western mountain regions. I have finally settled and I am home!

My hope is that through these paintings, you can discover the joy I have experienced in many amazing places.



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